Fab has been drawing cartoons since he was able to grab a pencil.

He is a French-Aussie Illustrator, Caricaturist, Graphic designer and take his inspirations from Disney, Warner Bros cartoons, Japanese Mangas and French comics.


Fab has over 10 years experience as a hand-draw Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Caricaturist in Sydney and France.

He has created hand-drawn/graphic illustrations and designs for many companies such as Mela Creative, Les Definautes, SwimPod, Footprint Consulting, etc.  He also produced illustrations for books (e.g. Kenny And The Komodo), posters, greeting cards, shirts, theatre sets and websites.  


Fab also specialises in caricatures and cartoons. He has been working for 6 years as a caricaturist for private customers and for Cartoon Kingdom Sydney, the Australia's largest leading cartooning, entertainment and art education company. As part of his job, he has produced live caricatures in corporate and public sector events, weddings, product launches, charity fundraising, festivals and private parties.


Fab is a reliable, passionate and committed graphic artist with a multicultural experience.